Dedication To My Cigarette

To all the smokers out there, y’all know how amazing it feels like to just get out that pack of cigarettes from your pants and light it up after a stressful day.

I have a point of view that, every smoker has his ‘special moments‘ when he smokes up his cigarette, believe me when I tell you that there’s a “Friendship” between a smoker and his cigarette. I’m going to talk about my relationship with my cigarettes. But I would like to clear something out first, I would like to say to all the men out there against women smoking, that back in time cigarettes were originally made for women. Yeah, all the advertisements mainly in the US were posters with women’s picture smoking. What a messed up world, first men follow women’s habits then they start complaining and telling them not to do it.

Marloboro    article-2107948-11F7C0CD000005DC-629_634x834 crazy-old-cigarette-ads - 10   marlboro lady 3

Anyway, let’s get back to my beautifully fucked up relationship with my ciggie (how I call it).  I consider my ciggie a friend, a friend who’s there when I need it. I just love how it makes me feel warm in a freezing weather. It feels so amazing to fill my body up with all that thick cigarette smoke then let it flow up in the air, it’s exactly like letting out all the stress on someone. There’s nothing better than burning a ciggie, holding it up inside my lungs is like holding on and hugging someone. When I’m feeling sad and lonely, I can let it all out on my ciggie, either by smoking it up really fast or by throwing it on the ground and keep on running over it with my shoes.

My ciggie is also my travel Friend, I’m usually having dinners alone at night. Well, not completely alone, accompanied by my Marlboro pack. That’s great because I got something that keeps me in company after finishing up my food. Speaking of dinners , of course y’all agree that european streets have restaurants with a great atmosphere with all the candles and good music playing. Me and my ciggie just blend perfectly with all of this and being surrounded by smokers of my age is just alright.


I was thinking about the number of packs I burned through the past years, its insane. But, my ciggie  will always be my getaway and as a wise man once said :


N, hope you like it cousin.

How my ex remained …

Usually, any ex is supposed to be in the past, never to be thought of again. However,  this never applied to my life …


500  DAYS OF SUMMER. An offbeat romantic comedy movie,  that inspired me in a weird way by going back over my ‘failed’ romance. As you all know, anyone who re-thinks about his relationship usually starts from the ‘end’ and then keeps jumping in time from a moment to another, well unfortunately I did just the same. Some of our moments are  stupid and meaningless fights and some are moments of joy that I kept thinking about in my head(in a weird order). There was this amazing track in the movie [Please,please,please,let me get what I want by The Smiths], it fucking explains  it all, how I melted every time I saw my Ex after we broke up, how I slipped back into my flirting habits when I’m suppose to meet for a ‘friendly visit’.

Honestly, this song doesn’t talk about all of that. Our ‘friendly visits’, prove that I keep doing my same mistakes and our conversations prove that humans keep returning to the person that hurt them the most (not specifically in a bad way), just saying. Life is hard, I wish there was some kind of ‘alert’ to wake us up before doing any actions.

Anyway, let’s get to the point. So I was minding my own business, living my single crazy life. After exhausting days in school I usually get back home looking like shit, craving for a lovely bubble bath, my biggest worry was either to smoke a cigarette first or to fight with R . When all of a sudden, I found a text from my ex. My ex who disappeared for a while. Everything I scheduled to do, all disappeared in one second.

Unfortunately, It seemed that life had other plans for me that day, because why should I relax in a beautiful warm bath? No, my ex had to text me. I suggested to catch up and see X, the conversation went this way :

Ex: Hey, how are you?

Me: I’m good, Can we go out?xoxxox0x

Ex: Yea sure

Fuck me “xoxoxox”?? What Am I,  fucking Taylor Swift. Anyway, I started running all over my room, opened up my closet,  looking for the best thing I could wear, took me hours. My hair that’s messed up  like hobos, brushed it up quickly. I had to look cool you know. Finally going out..

Back to reality now, I was  in a Philosophy class in school, just daydreaming. I was wearing my uniform, ripped off shoes filled with dirt, wearing my glasses looking like a nerd (actually not) and definitely not texting my ex. By the way my ex is a great person.

X , you will always find your way into getting in my thoughts…






What’s important about Cairo ?


I’ve been searching for my true love in this city for quite a while. Then I realized that I was never really single anyway…

Who’s my Soulmate?

I think in general, I’m the kind of person who makes a drama out of many things, well that’s what friends say about me. However, sometimes I need to add some drama to my thoughts just to create my ideas. I know, it may sound a little bit absurd, but out of all the words out there, Soulmate is the one that resonates with me and most importantly, i’m on my way now on finding that Soulmate of mine.

As y’all know, the city life is exhausting to most of the Cairenes (citizens who live in Cairo). Every one needs to take a break from all this ‘chaos’, yeah you could call it that. Just To ensure their survival in Cairo and traveling on monthly base helps. Or, maybe a quick road trip is encouraged in the middle of the weeks.

When there’s a 7 day vacation, Cairenes go fucking crazy and start packing their bags really fast then hit the roads! Next thing you know that there’s almost no one you can call in town. Obviously, I did just the same, on Eid Vacation I decided to travel anywhere, so I packed my bags and headed  to Gouna.

Of course, I started to be over excited about this trip and daydreamed about how awesome it will be. Just to get away from the city life, re-think my thoughts, re-evaluate my choices and relax on the beach. What actually happened in Gouna wasn’t any of the Above. It was exactly the opposite : partying and going crazy.

Surprisingly, three days into my “gataway” and I started craving and wanting to go back to the city life. Although, relaxing was all good and well but it was…actually too much for me. As fun as it may sound, spending 8 days with a friend , doing all the crazy shit I do. I started to miss traffic, do you actually believe this, I realized I hate too much quite. I felt like I missing something maybe because my closest friends didn’t come with me ?  who knows, surely something was missing there!

In fact, I drunk off my ass on a day, crazy thoughts started to come up and since i’m away from home, I felt lost and lonely. I realised that you can take the drama queen(me) out of the dramatic-city-situations but you can’t take the dramatic-city-situations from the drama queen(by the way, drama queen hates tanning). I’ll explain why I came to this “theory” because I think that my drama is actually linked to the city’s situations, just exactly like, how superman will always pick up Lewis Lane. That’s when I went looking for an earlier flight…

That was when I knew I was in love with Cairo all the time.

Don’t get me wrong but despite all this LOVE, I wanted to kill myself after few hours when I returned back home. Cairo drives me up like crazy, I Just hate all the dirt, I hate how crowded it gets, I hate a lot of people who tease women they don’t know, I hate the taxi drivers. But at the same time, i just love how this all blends together, creating this perfectly messed up scenery and absolute chaos.I sound like someone crazy, but its all true. There’s no other city where I could blend my roller coaster thoughts with, my acts of stupidity, my childish behavior ! Where else would I wake up really late and run on the streets with my shoes not completely on and no one would care? Where else I will be finding Coffee Shops and lounge and fast food opening till 3 AM? Hell yeah, McDonald’s fucking delivers here.

It’s just the perfect example of a bad relationship: the one I have with Cairo because you can’t wait to get out of it. Yet, you’ll be missing it badly. Although the bad memories are more than the good ones but I don’t think you’ll be able to replace them anywhere else.

Cairo is my soulmate..Hard to replace.

Design Markt in Ghent, Belgium


Of course, y’all wondering whats Ghent , its not really a well known city but here’s sumthin thats maybe interestin’ about it…
Belgian and French designers gather their work in a huge so called ”flea market” usually every Friday @ Ghent., its a little bit like a Friday routine.
Lots of people attend it , some of them are interested because they display VINTAGE furniture and the other half just walk around and eat classic Belgian waffles with the yummy toppings and shit. AS you all know they are THE original waffles.
Its exciting mostly for old people because it brings up ‘the good old days’ and also for young people that are interested in vintage stuff.

I’m 19 and I would like to visit this place someday. I’ve seen this kind of furniture at my grandma’s house and in the series : MAD MEN , I love how living rooms and bedrooms are designed in the 70’s and 80’s.

Click this link to see more about the Design Markt :

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website :

Bobbin bicycles , A magical and classic bicycle

The bobbin is a kind of Bicycle that is very classic and has its unique look. If you travel anywhere in the UK , you’ll find many people riding it in streets,parks..etc

I saw different kind of people riding it, young men wearing suits on their way to work , young women who look professional, old people cause of its light weight , grocery workers who deliver food because you can attach a basket in front that makes it look even more classic and teens riding it to college.

It’s pretty amazing how Bobbin bicycles exist till now, they give this ‘classic old’ look to the city, we rarely see classic cars on the road, that’s why its special.
London is the city of bobbin bicycles, nowadays many stores are opening and selling particularly bobbin types which leads to riders being more interested and a city full of BOBBIN BIKES.

If you wanna know more about bobbins, go to :

To purchase in the UK the best store, go to this link :